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About us
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    The Graduate School of Public Administration (GSPA) Lomonosov Moscow State University is a specialized educational establishment designed to prepare its graduates for positions of significant responsibility in the state institutions of the Russian Federation.

    The Graduate School of Public Administration is a member of the International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration (IASIA) and the European Group of Public Administration (EGPA).

    Mission of the Graduate School of Public Administration Lomonosov Moscow State University (GSPA)

    Our mission is to prepair top-quality civil servants for medium to top levels of public administration by providing our students knowledge and skills both of the best global practices and Russian traditional university education. Our graduates should be ready to effectively solve wide range of different tasks in the area of public administration. Our aim is to become leaders in education of elite public administrators and to realize the following of our competitive advantages:

    • use of the best teaching practices;
    • outstanding training content;
    • increasing share of practice-oriented studies;
    • enhancement of IT and innovative components of learning.
    Our aim is to provide best knowledge to promote the careers of future federal and regional leaders, who will be able to implement acquired in GSPA knowledge, understanding and skills for benefit of the state and the country in any area of public administration and business activities.

    The school is devoted to the idea of the leadership and the supreme quality of the knowledge and skills taught. The school also provides faculty, staff, students and alumni as well as the whole business community and multiple partners with the best opportunities to reach intended goals in accordance with values and high standards of the School.

    GSPA will use all their available resources to attain their stated goals.