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    The Graduate School of Public Administration (GSPA) Lomonosov Moscow State University is a specialized educational establishment designed to prepare its graduates for positions of significant responsibility in the state institutions of the Russian Federation.

    The Graduate School of Public Administration is a member of the International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration (IASIA) and the European Group of Public Administration (EGPA).

    Admission requirements

    Procedures of admission for MPA program
    Admission to Master of Public Administration program of the Graduate School of Public Administration Lomonosov MSU follows “Admission Requirements of Lomonosov Moscow State University”.

    Citizens of the Russian Federation and other countries are eligible to enter scholarship programs for first-year students if they have graduated from higher educational establishments (state-recognized diploma of Bachelor, Specialist or Master). Admission is competitive and based upon results of entrance tests.

    General requirements for GSPA applicants:

    • diploma of Bachelor, Specialist or Master;
    • proficiency in foreign language;
    • existence of professional project and career pursuits;
    • firm knowledge of economics and management.
    Applicants submit to the Admission Commission the following documents:
    • application form to the Rector of Lomonosov MSU (to be filled in at the premises of the Admission Commission using the standard form);
    • questionnaire (to be filled in at the premises of the Admission Commission using the standard form);
    • original and two copies of the diploma on graduation from higher educational establishment (one copy should be notarized);
    • original and a copy of the Diploma Supplement;
    • 8 photos 3x4 sm (black and white, matt, without headgear, without corner);
    • passport and copies of pages with the surname and the address.
    Entrance tests:
    • Management (written exam)
    • Management (interview)
    • Foreign language (oral exam)

    Duration of training – 2 years

    Form of training – full time

    Admission of documents – June (entrance tests are conducted in July)

    Beginning of Studies – September

    Graduates receive a state-recognized diploma of Lomonosov MSU and are awarded by Master of Management’s Degree
    . Terms of enrollment of foreign nationals are in accordance with the document “Admission Requirements for Foreign Students of Lomonosov MSU”

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