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    The Graduate School of Public Administration (GSPA) Lomonosov Moscow State University is a specialized educational establishment designed to prepare its graduates for positions of significant responsibility in the state institutions of the Russian Federation.

    The Graduate School of Public Administration is a member of the International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration (IASIA) and the European Group of Public Administration (EGPA).

    Target education

    Employers should direct all questions concerning the executive education of your perspective employees at GSPA by calling

    Tel: 007 (495) 510-52-05
    Fax: 007 (495) 510-52-32
    e-mail: info@nsa-msu.ru

    Applicants must::

    • have Specialist, Bachelor, or Master degree;
    • be proficient in a foreign language;
    • have a professional targets and be career-driven;
    • be knowledgeable about economics and management.
    Full-time training lasts two years. Tuition fees for “Public Administration” training amount to 175,000 roubles per academic year.


    Specialization envisaged by the curriculum provides students with the opportunity for depth learning of certain courses and for concentrating on a number of types of activities in accordance with orders from federal and municipal authorities.

    In the course of target training students gain knowledge and skills not only during classworkclass work but through the internships at the enterprises or in the authority centers, which are interested in its development by using young specialists.

    All kinds of individual studies, including course, project and thesis work, are guided by a special theme in line with a target education plan which is discussed between the School and the Customer and is an integral part of the contract on target education.

    Cost of a target training depends on volume of additional assignments. Additional assignments should not be less than 24 hours per academic year.

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